Celebrity Wedding: Solange Knowles & Alan Ferguson

Celebrity Wedding: Solange Knowles & Alan Ferguson

The cape. The jumpsuit. The bicycles. The photos—oh the photos! Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson tied the knot over the weekend with famous sister, Beyonce by her side. This wedding has us wishing for more white weddings and a variety of outfits for the wedding party and staging photos like hers. The cape, jumpsuit, and gold statement bracelets are a perfect way to break from tradition. We love the entrance on bicycles adorned with white blooms and greenery and of course Blue Ivy and sister Beyonce and brother-in-law, Jay-Z’s chic white attire. Will we see all white weddings as the new trend?

Solange Knowles wedding with white attire and jumpsuit Beyonce sister wedding Image by Rog WalkerSolange Knowles wedding jumpsuit and gold bracelet details Image by Rog Walker Solange Knowles wedding beyonce sister wedding non traditional wedding photo Image by Rog Walkerbeyonce and blue ivy and jay-z at solange knowles wedding in white attire Solange Knowles's non traditional entrance on bicycles adorned with white and green flowers Solange Knowles's wedding entrance on bicycles with beautiful flowers Solange Knowles's wedding with non traditional portraits and gorgeous wedding attire Image by Rog Walker

Photos one, two, three via Vogue.com // four // five // six // seven


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