Bridal Beauty Reporter: The Best Self Tanners

Bridal Beauty Reporter: The Best Self Tanners

Planning a honeymoon?  Worried about looking like a fresh, glowing new bride in your pasty winter skin?  Have no fear, we are hear to the help.  We’ve polled our brides and our staff has buffed, exfoliated, lathered, rinsed and repeated.  Here are our favorite, most natural looking self tanners.  And before you apply, be sure to follow these tips for an even, all-over tan that will make you look like you’ve been sunning with your Prince in Seychelles…a girl can dream.

Don’t go too deep. Select a tanner that’s no more than a shade darker than your natural color.  You want your tan to look like a natural tan, not tan in a can.  Think, less if more….

Change your sheets. Change your sheets to a set of old or dark ones, or lay down a towel.  Even though you may think you’re dry, your tan can still rub off while you sleep.

Get clean and exfoliate. If you are able to shower before you apply, do.  Be sure to exfoliate and shave so you have a smooth surface to work with.  If you are not able to shower before hand, take tips from Allure’s executive editor – “I use a wet wipe to take off my deodorant and lotion on my face. Those both will affect the tan—deodorant makes it turn green!” —Kristin Perrotta

Try a puff. If you don’t like to squirt self-tanner right on the skin or on your hands then try a round velour puff (like you would use to apply face powder) and then swirl it over the skin in circular motions. Remember to go lightly over elbows, knees and heels.

Speed dry. In a hurry?  To quickly dry still-sticky skin (and cut down on streaks in the process), use your blow-dryer on a light setting.  This will allow your tanner to set into the skin quicker and more evenly.

Do a trial run. Listen, up – this one is important.   You do not want to try any new beauty tips right before your bridal portraits or wedding.  This goes for new skin care, make up, lasers, and SELF TANNERS.  Do yourself a favor and be sure to do a trial run before any photo sessions, parties in your honor or walking down the aisle.

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Xen Tan: $39 - Nordstroms St Tropez: $30 - Sephora

xen tan, best self tanner, bridal beauty, honeymoon planning, top self tanners for honeymoons, natural self tanners

Clarins Self Tanning Gel: $32.50 - Sephora Jergens Natural Glow: $8.49- Drugstores

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