A Vibrant Country Club Wedding in North Carolina

A Vibrant Country Club Wedding in North Carolina

This Vibrant Country Club Wedding in North Carolina, photographed by T Odom Photographics, features classic and preppy details, a vibrant color palette, and one beaming couple.  This bride is GORGEOUS in her lace gown, classic veil, and something blue peep-toe heels.  Her bridesmaids donned bright coral dresses and gold heels; and the groom and his groomsmen rocked coordinating coral ties and boutonnieres.  Very debonaire fellas!  We also love the new school meets old school details (check out their typewriter guest book!),  pops of coral and yellow blooms, and their classic Swiss Dot patterned wedding cake.


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Photographer:  T Odom Photographics//Hair Stylist:Bella Mia//Floral Designer: Imagine Flowers//Bakery:Let Me Call You Sweet Art//Reception Venue:Old Town Country Club//

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{From the photographer}
All you need to do is spend five minutes with Mary Scott & Tim and you will not only know how smitten they are with each other, you will be equally smitten with them! They are one of the sweetest, cutest and most adorably-in-love couple I have had the pleasure of working with. My first glimpse of Tim & Mary Scott was shortly following Mary Scott’s first contact with me. She said, if you want to see how Tim proposed, just watch this video. So, of course, I did. This was a couple I had NOT EVEN MET YET. Yet, somehow, I was wiping the tears from my eyes by the time the video was over. Yeah, they kinda have that effect on people. They are totally precious.

Both Mary Scott & Tim are graduates of Wake Forest University, where they met and fell in love.  They are like the proverbial prom king and queen. Everyone wants to be around them because they are so fun, positive and loving. I’d say that their love is just contagious. Tim is currently in med school at George Washington University and Mary Scott also works in the medical field. Sounds like a pretty good pair to me!

Surrounding them on their wedding day were lots of friends from college and from their days of growing up, as well as lots of family. It really couldn’t have been more perfect and spoke so highly of the relationships they have fostered in their lives.


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    Posted at 15:52h, 06 August

    Beautiful wedding! Love the colors and his socks are awesome!