A Piece of Cupcake!

A Piece of Cupcake!

Call me crazy, but I think there is a distinct difference between the way a cupcake tastes and a piece of cake tastes! I have always preferred cupcakes to cake, so I guess that explains why I am so fond of wedding cupcakes! Wedding cupcakes are a great alternative to a cake, because you can serve an assortment of flavors. Guests aren’t limited to one flavor or piece of cake; they can pick and choose what they want to try. Not only do cupcakes come in a wide variety, but bakers have gotten so creative with their designs (i.e.- Cupcake Wars!) that the little cakes are so much more than a dessert; they are a piece of art! I love everything about the wedding cupcake towers shown below; I especially love that at the top of the tower sits a mini- cake for the bride and groom to cut together. Cupcakes plus the cutting the cake tradition sounds like a win-win to me!’

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