A Guide to Planning Drinks for Your Wedding

A Guide to Planning Drinks for Your Wedding


When trying to calculate exactly how much alcohol is needed for your wedding it’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed. You definitely don’t want to buy too much, but you definitely don’t want to run out either.

When planning drinks for your wedding, be sure to take into account that most guests will have two drinks in the first hour and one drink for each hour following. The general rule when you are serving wine, beer and cocktails is that:

50% of your guests will prefer wine
30% of your guests will prefer beer
20% of your guests will prefer mixed drinks

If you opt to not serve mixed drinks at your wedding, assume that 60% of your guests will choose to drink wine while the other 40% beer.

Still feeling overwhelmed? Let someone else do it for you.

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Total Wine, a one-stop shop for all things alcoholic, offers party planning services to help you figure out all your needs for your wedding beverages. With stores in Dallas and Fort Worth, they have an extremely large selection of wine, beers and liquor. Their professional party planners can do all the work for you, and help you come up with the perfect selection for your wedding all in one easy step. Be sure and also check out their website, which offers a great deal of valuable information including a Drink Calculator to help you calculate how much alcohol you will need for your big day.

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