A Fresh Twist of Lemon

A Fresh Twist of Lemon

We showed you blueberries, and now it’s time for a little citrus inspired wedding decor! I absolutely love lemons and I LOVE the idea of incorporating lemons into a Texas summer wedding. The bright yellow is so gorgeous and will make your wedding day decor fresh, clean, and modern.  You can add lemons or a lemon yellow to literally EVERY aspect of your wedding. Lemon cake, lemon tarts, lemon centerpieces, lemonade, lemon martinis, lemon yellow bridesmaid dresses, lemon yellow linens… the list can go on and on! And hey, the best part about a lemon wedding is that it is so hard to “overdo” it, so go big with your lemon details- you won’t regret it!

My favorite way to incorporate lemons is at the bottom of a floral vase- it gives the centerpieces just the right pop of color and texture!



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