A Fairy Tale Gown… Literally

A Fairy Tale Gown… Literally

We all grew up wanting to be Disney princesses.  With those beautiful big eyes, tiny waists, and the ability to talk to forest animals, who wouldn’t want to be a Disney princess?  Now, Disney makes not only movies, but wedding gowns as well!  You brides can purchase a dress inspired by your favorite Disney princess; a big step up from the Cinderella paper plates and cups you had at your 8 year-old birthday party, huh?

If you prefer the pale, raven haired Snow White as I do, fear not!  There is a collection of gowns for you as well!

There are also collections inspired by Princess Jasmine and Sleeping Beauty (AKA Princess Aurora).  The perfect dress can make your wedding day special, now Disney helps us with the “Happily Ever After” they promised us all our lives.

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